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My new CD "Letter From God" is available NOW! Read what they're saying about it.

The lyrics and liner notes can be accessed below, as well as lo-fi streaming versions of each track in RealAudio and Windows Media.

Letter From God
1. Dig Deep Lyrics Notes ra (1K) wmp (1K)
2. She Loves Me Lyrics Notes ra (1K) wmp (1K)
3. Where Does A Cowboy Go? Lyrics Notes ra (1K) wmp (1K)
4. Holding You In My Arms Lyrics Notes ra (1K) wmp (1K)
5. After You Let Go Lyrics Notes ra (1K) wmp (1K)
6. Who Got Da Pugua? Lyrics Notes ra (1K) wmp (1K)
7. Sweet Island Baby Magic Lyrics Notes ra (1K) wmp (1K)
8. Grown Up Lyrics Notes ra (1K) wmp (1K)
9. Growing Marijuana In My Yard Lyrics Notes ra (1K) wmp (1K)
10. I'm So Tired (Ah View) Lyrics Notes ra (1K) wmp (1K)
11. Long Distance Blues Lyrics Notes ra (1K) wmp (1K)
12. Goodbye Lyrics Notes ra (1K) wmp (1K)

NEW!! Due to the demise of, I've decided to offer hi-fi MP3 versions of these three songs:

She Loves Me
After You Let Go
Growing Marijuana In My Yard

(Right-click on the links above to download.)

Learn to play "Growing Marijuana In My Yard" using the guitar chord chart.


A bunch of different ways to have my CD mailed to you:

BUY the CD!

The total cost for one CD is the same for all the options above - $15.00 (shipping included). You can get a significant discount for ordering multiple copies from my CDBaby site.

"Letter From God" is also available on: Letter From God at

My other CD "Tropical Lullaby" is no longer available through my site, thanks to the sale of to CNET. If you have a copy of "Tropical Lullaby" hang on to it, because it's a rarity now.
  Tropical Lullaby  
Here is a little movie we made, wonderfully photographed by Cate.
The Big Gig      


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